Maintaining a Well-Sanitized Hot Desk

April 26, 2021 0 Comments

Unexpected events such as pandemic forced many companies to impose a blended work setup for their employees. Due to lockdowns and quarantine measures, many companies suffered losses, forcing them to temporarily close their businesses as the cost of opening their business is bigger than the profit that will be generated. With vaccination finally starting, many businesses are slowly opening and are adapting ways to deal with the pandemic situation while they try to rise from their loss. If you had to give up your previous office and are now looking for a new working space for rent, the Garage Society has a lot to offer. However, before encouraging your employees to start working at the office again, there are various factors to consider and health protocols to be followed. To ensure that your employees will be safe from COVID-19, try these simple steps:

  • Install a portable sink – A portable sink can help encourage employees to follow health protocols, be sensitive with the surroundings, and keep themselves clean at all times. Portable sinks can be expensive, but they are a worthy investment. Portable sinks are also useful in washing dishes, especially when the pantry is crowded. 

  • Provide employees with alcohol – Providing your employees with alcohol is an excellent way of reminding them to always maintain cleanliness and excellent hygiene. If you are renting a coworking space hot desk, it is imperative that your employees practice good hygiene to protect them from contracting a virus. 

  • Provide signage and reminders – One way of keeping the coworking space clean is by constantly reminding the employees to practice proper hygiene. Maintaining proper hygiene is a habit that should be practiced even without pandemic as it minimizes risks of contracting virus and bacteria, especially on coworking space hot desks (EMAT), where employees interact with employees from different companies. 

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